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NHU University
Bachelor’s Program of Sports and Health Promotion
Students are required to complete at least 128 credits including General Education Requirements 40 credits, Management Courses 12 credits and Management Electives Course 6, Major Requirements 42 credits, Concentration Electives 16 credits, Free Electives 12 credits. The program offers concentrations in two groups- (1) Sports Industry management (2) Health Promotion management. These two groups have the option of declaring a concentration best suited to theirindividual professional goals.
Courses Credits
General Education Requirements 40
Management Courses Economics 12
 Electives Courses
(5 choice 2)
International etiquette 6
Professional planning and presentation skills
Communication and negotiation
Commercial law
Cross - cultural management and communication
Major Requirements Introduction to Sports Industry 42
Introduction to Sport Science
Sport Health Promotion
Sports Physiology
Sports Nutrition
Sports Injury Protection
Sports Biomechanics
Analysis of Sport Techniques
Sports Management
Sports Ethics (G.E.)
Sports Training Method
Muscle Strength and Physical Training
Sports Psychology
Sports Industry Internship
Sports Science Lecture
(Choose group one or two)
Group one:
 Sports Industry management
Sports Marketing 16
Professional Sports Industry
Sports Tourism Industry
Sports Tournament Operation and Management
Club Operation and Management
Sports Facilities Operation and Management
International Sports Organization
Sports Industry Management Specialization
Group two:
 Health Promotion management
Health Assessment and Physical Fitness Testing 16
Exercise Prescription Design
Exercise Health Management
Elderly health promotion
Theory and Practice of Weight Training
Exercise Safety and Injury First Aid
Sports Massage
Health Promotion Specialization
Free Electives Planning and Implementation of Tournament Activities(Ⅰ)~ (Ⅳ) 12
Sports Information and Computerized Processing
Sports Team Management Strategy
Theory and Practice of Sports Strap
Sports Health Promotion Practice-Ball Sports
Body and Mind Healing
Sports Health Promotion Practice -Swimming
Sports Health Promotion Practice - Fitness
Sports Skills Training~