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Health promotion industry has become a world trend and a star industry, especially in modern days where Taiwan facing the aging society attaches more importance to health issues. Commerce Development Research Institute estimates that, by 2022, the output value of health service market in Taiwan will reach NTD 200 billion, including 6 major dimensions of health promotion lifestyle – nutrition, sports, health responsibility, stress handling, interpersonal support, and self-fulfillment (Walker, 1987). For example, biotechnologies and diets in nutrition field or medicine and healthcare in health responsibility field currently all are the most popular industries. On the other hand, sports industry is another industry attracting increasing attention in health promotion industry. Under the influence of the concept – prevention is better than cure, treatment-based health concepts have gradually been transformed into health promotion concepts paying primary attention to prevention and secondary attention to treatment. Sports are indispensable to the prevention field. The use of sports to improve health and quality of life is the next main approach of health promotion to achieve human health.
Moreover, according to the standard classification of industries provided by Department of Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, “sports and health promotion industry” is classified into “sports venue industry,” “sporting goods industry,” and “other sports service industry.” This program is to nurture the talents in management and instruction of sports and health promotion industry to work in this workplace.
This program cultivates the following 4 types of talents to engage in sports and health promotion industry:
1. Sports competition talents: this program offers full-time coaches, athletic trainers, sports science team, venues & facilities, expertise training courses, and flexible elective course system in the 3rd semester to enable players to fully improve their sports techniques and work in sports competition workplaces after graduation.
2. Sports coaching talents: this program assists students in passing the qualification examination of “general primary sports coach.” The qualification examination includes 3 parts – educational background, license, and sports achievements. For educational background, this program includes 32-credit courses in professional and technical training, natural science group, social and humanistic science group, physical fitness and sports technique group, and sports injury and prevention group. For license, this program assists students in passing the examination of class C license before graduation. For sports achievements, students have to win the top 3 places in the National Games, top 2 places in the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games, and top 2 places in the University Association Games.
3. Sports industry management talents: this program grants a bachelor’s degree in management to graduates. The professional faculties from College of Management of our school teach students in sports-oriented management courses of this program. The scope of the courses includes sports industry, sports management, sports marketing, occupational sports, sports tournaments, and sports facility management. Students have to receive the internship of sports industry for development of employability skills before graduation.
4. Sports health promotion instruction talents: students have to complete health promotion-related courses, teaching & instruction-related courses, courses of operation of health promotion–related equipment and instruments. These courses are mainly to train students to enter the workplaces concerning community health promotion, sports health activities, or health promotion for the elderly. The scope of courses includes introductions to the basic physical activities, sports sciences, physical, mental, and spiritual healing, physical fitness test and evaluation, design of sports prescription, physical activities and instructions for the elderly. Students have to receive the internship of health promotion industry for development of employability skills before graduation.