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Introduction to the course

To respond to the overall development and admission diversification of our school, as well as to provide elite athletic students in vocational/senior high schools with diversified admission methods, our school started in implement independent recruitment in 2014 academic year to recruit elite athletic students, and all of them were recruited to Department of Tourism Management, College of Management. In 2016 academic year, to respond to the gradual professionalization of sports recruitment and the restriction of development attribute of Department of Tourism, our school used existing sports-related resources to develop the independent “sports and health promotion bachelor degree program” of College of Management, which was immediately approved by Ministry of Education and started to recruit students in 2017 academic year. This program is expected to implement independent recruitment to recruit elite athletic students interested in sports field.
     Different from department-based model, the meaning of program is to overcome the limitations of departments/colleges and to use school-related faculties and equipment to invest in specific development field. Our school’s “sports and health promotion bachelor degree program” is affiliated to College of Management, and interdisciplinary cooperation method is used to integrate our school’s faculties for “Department of Tourism Management and Master’s Program,” “Department of Natural Biotechnology, Master’s Program in Natural Healing Sciences,” “Department of Cultural and Creative Enterprise Management and Master’s Program,” “Department Life and Death and Master’s Program,” and “Department of Information Management and Master’s Program,” as well as the software and hardware equipment for “Physical Education Center” and “Fo Guang Shan 3 Physical Education Association,” to provide students with professional courses of sports and health promotion, as well as the chance to learn the second expertise. This program is equivalent to a department, and it also has structural frameworks, such as organization, courses, and teaching. Besides, it possesses the advantage of departments – focused development of students’ expertise, as well as that of courses – thematic cross-field flexibility.
     Sports competitions are one of the two focuses of this program. In order to nurture talents for Taiwan and continue the cultivation of elite sports competition talents from vocational/senior high schools, this program offers lucrative scholarships, as well as high-quality training environment, coaches, and teaching environment. The subject courses and expertise training complement each other to enable players to further elevate their competitive level and eventually win the glory for Taiwan and their own future. The student, Hung-yi Chien, at our school was selected as the national player of Wushu Sanda in 2017 Summer Universiade. In 2016 academic year, Wushu team won 4 gold medals in the University Association Games, and baseball team won the second place in level 2 open groups, which demonstrated the best competitive strength of our school. This program mainly recruits students talented in baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, taekwondo, tennis and cricket who may become sports players or sports coaches in the future.
     Another focus, “health promotion” field, has been a world trend in recent years, the health promotion of sports intervention is the sub-field developed rapidly outside the fields of medicine and nutrition. Due to modern people’s attention to their own physical health, popularization of health knowledge, and sitting lifestyle, sports has become the best remedy to improve physical and psychological states, as well as an indispensable element to reach the so-called “physical, spiritual, and social well-being” of health as defined by the WHO.
     Therefore, the primary objective of establishment of this program is to recruit sports competition players and train them into sports competition talents and cultivate their second expertise. The secondary objective is to recruit students with exports expertise to cultivate sports industry management talents and instructors of health promotion of sports intervention. This program offers a complete training system to train competition players to adapt themselves to workplaces. Therefore, when players no longer engage in competitive sports, their second expertise cultivated by the program courses includes sports coaching, sports industry management, and health promotion instruction. Hopefully, this program can provide students of sports background with a high-quality learning access and training field to enable them to become talents with professional competency and abilities of self-perceived learning, practical application, communication & cooperation, social care, and physical and mental health to put what they have learned into practice in adequate workplaces in the future.