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Pre-service teacher

Full-time teachers
This is an image  Title Director This is an image  Titie Full Professor
Name Po-Yang Hsu Name Ching-Yun Huang
Phone 05-2721001#2990 Phone 05-2721001#56120
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Qualifications Sports University Sports Management  Ph,D Qualifications Minnesota University Teaching Technology Institute
Areas of instruction Sports Industry, campaign management, Billiard Areas of instruction The old age health education promotion, sports, leisure activities, golf
Research expertise Campaign management, sports quiz assessment, physical fitness Research expertise Sport Education, leisure program planning, the old age health, sports equipment applications
 This is an image Title Assistant Professor  This is an image Titie Assistant Professor
Name Ying-Chih Ho Name Li-Yun Chan
Phone 05-2721001#56325 Phone 05-2721001#56325
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Qualifications Sports University Sports nutrition Ph,D Qualifications The Latin American University Education Leading Masters
Areas of instruction Sports Nutrition, Sports Science studies, tennis, baseball Areas of
Sport psychology, sport records analysis, movement law, basketball, volleyball
Research expertise Sports nutrition, drugs, relaxing treatment Research expertise Sport psychology, technical analysis and training and guidance
Part-time teachers
This is an image  Title Assistant Professor  This is an image Title Assistant Professor
Name Chien-Chung Chen Name Yu-Chiung Lin
Phone 04-22071195 Phone 05-2755558
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Qualifications Sports University Master Qualifications Taiwan's Teachers University Ph,D
Areas of instruction Analysis of sports science, sports injury revention, action evaluation sports injury prevention physical therapy Areas of instruction Track and field, swimming, fitness of guidance, badminton, strength training
Research expertise Sports Injury, physical treatment, rehabilitation training, physical training Research expertise Introduction to Sports Science, Sports Physiology, Sports, bone anatomy, Anatomy Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Health Assessment and Physical Fitness Test, physical fitness and sports prescription, silver hair ethnic sports, athletics technical guidance Law
 This is an image Title Instructor  This is an image Title Instructor
Name Yi-Ling Chen Name Li-Yen Chuang
Phone 05-6628397 Phone 05-2267125#61502
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Qualifications Chung Cheng University Ph,D Qualifications Sports University Master
Areas of instruction The prescription, health promotion campaign Areas of instruction Sports Health Promotion, sports prescription, yoga and aerobic dance
Research expertise Prevent aging physical fitness and health guidance Research expertise Physical fitness and health promotion